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Farm Fun Activities

Goat Mountain

All visitors (kids & adults) will have an amazing and unique experience feeding mamma goats. Simply buy one or more hay bundles from the shed and take it close to the fence line on the north side. Goats will see you with the hay and come running to feed and entertain you

As mamma goats gobble down your hay bundle, don't loose sight of the "kids" performing acrobats on the "Goat Mountain"

Goat's hay munching sound will relax, sooth you and compliment the peace, tranquility and greenery of the farm environment

This will be a memorable experience for you and your family so don't forget to take lots of photos and selfies with goats and "kids"

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Goat Feeding @
(Goat Mountain) Steps
1. Buy hay bundle from inside the shed
2. Follow the arrow and feed the goats on the fence line (North side)
3. Please dispose string in garbage can
4. Repeat process ❤

$5 / Big hay bundle

2024 Special
2 FREE big hay bundles to feed mamma goats, if you spend $20 or more in "Kid" Village

"Kid" Village (Pet & Play)

"Kid" Village Pet and Play is a safe enclosed area where visitors of all ages can experience goat snuggles, goat cuddles, goat hugs and play with cute baby goats inside the fence. Pet them, hold them or run with them and these "kids" will make your day and leave you wanting more

Take lots of photos, selfies and be sure to check out mini hay feeder and the mini barn where the kids sleep at night

To enter "Kid Village", please pay first and then press "Ring" bell

$10 / person (Adult or child)
$7 / person (Family of 4 or more)

Children under 3 years: Free
Seniors over 60 years: Free
Handicapped: Free


Gift Shop

When you make priceless memories, a souvenir or two is a must. Our gift shop is currently stocked with Farm on The Lake branded cups, stuffed toys and bags but be sure to check out ongoing new additions along with other complimentary treats for kids and adults

Day Camping/Picnic & Night Camping

If you’re looking for a fun and unique outdoor experience, look no further than Farm on The Lake! Our farm offers a wide range of activities for both day/picnic and night camping, so you can choose the adventure that suits you best.

During the day, you can snuggle and cuddle with our adorable baby goats, and even feed their mamma goats. If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at tandem kayaking, paddle boating, or SUP boarding on our beautiful lake. For those who prefer to stay on land, we offer mountain biking and hiking trails that will take you through some of the most scenic areas of our farm.

If fishing is more your style, we have plenty of opportunities for you to cast a line and see what you can catch. And when the sun starts to set, you can pitch a tent and spend the night under the stars, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature.

No matter what your interests are, Farm on The Lake has something for everyone. So come spend a day/picnic (or night!) with us and see for yourself why our farm is the perfect destination for your next outdoor adventure. We hope to see you soon!


Online Fun Activities

Goat Village: Watch 3 Live Stream 24/7 (HD + Audio) FREE!

At Farm on The Lake's "Goat Village" you'll be able to experience fascinating, mischievous, intriguing and majestic goats all seasons 24/7 HD + Audio
We at Farm on The Lake don't believe in mediocrity and want our customers to experience the very best. We left no stone unturned to develop an infrastructure just to live stream HD for your customers

Stable HD live streaming in a rural farm area is challenging to say the least but well worth it

You'll see crystal clear pictures with audio and it will be like having your very own LIVE Discovery or National Geographic channel
Destress yourself with sights and sounds of nature and take a break from daily anxiety. Strengthen your mental health by observing nature and goats in their natural environment

Your live streaming experience will entail the following:

Daily and Weekly Routine

  • Observe, hear and relax yourself by seeing goats munch hay on and off the day regularly
  • Online Goat Feeding: Watch people from all over the world feed goats online and give personal shout outs to friends and family
  • Watch goats come and go out of the barn, eat, drink and relax
  • Hear sights and sounds of daily farm life
  • Watch farmer give hay to the goats

Spring and Summer

  • Barn cleaning and getting prepared for kidding
  • Observe new kids being born (Exciting!!)
  • Watch cute and fuzzy "Kids" (LOTS of "Kids") do what they do best i.e.
    • Bouncing off walls
    • Disturbing mom all day long for milk
    • Playing and fighting with other "Kids"
    • Climb rocks, find their favorite spot and fight hard to keep it
    • Other shenanigans that we can't describe in words that you'll have to see it to believe it
  • See goat moms climb on rocks while looking absolutely majestic

Fall and Winter

  • Barn cleaning and getting prepared for winter
  • Experience how the goats go about their daily lives in extreme cold and snowy conditions

What you get:

  • A total of 3 HD + Audio cameras
    • Camera A: Outside the barn with a bird eye view of the goat yard and goats on rocks
    • Camera B: Outside the barn and zooms hay eating area
    • Camera C: Inside the barn and zooms on Online Goat Feeding


  • Guaranteed goat visuals. Goats cannot hide from you, even if they try 😜

Goat Village: Feed Hungry Goats Online

Are you curious to see how farm animals are fed and go about their daily lives? Or even more exciting, do you want to feed farm animals? Or even more thrilling, do you want to feed farm animals from the comfort of your home or on the go?

We offer a unique and innovative fun family activity of feeding the goats from anywhere in the world
Registered users can head over to our Online Goat Feeding page and simply press a button to feed the goats. They'll come running to get fed and make your day 😉

$10 (Canadian) / Feeding Session

If available, please use valid coupon codes to get 25% to 50% discount

The reaction you get from goats and children alike is delightful. Gather the family, place the HD + Audio live stream on a big screen, have a little kid press the button and enjoy!

Rain or Shine Feed The Goats Online!

Play Video

Breeding Stock


We offer premium quality Savannah goat doelings as breeding stock.

You'll be hard pressed in finding another goat breeding stock as good as this

Savannah does are exceptional moms with high maternal instincts, lots of milk and excellent resistance to worms

Please book early to avoid disappointment as breeding stock of this quality is hard to come by

These doelings will be an invaluable addition to your existing farm or if you are thinking of starting your new farming adventure, timing couldn't be better

This is a rare opportunity to get a quality goat breed from a closed herd, seasoned breeder and get 20+ doelings at the same time

Minimum order is 20 doelings. Additional discount if you buy more than 20

Please contact us for pricing and other details



If you are thinking or planning to start your own goat farming adventure, avoid costly mistakes and learn lessons from our experience. We consult on all stages of setting up a new goat farm which will have significant positive impact on your time and monetary savings

We started Farm on The Lake adventure from scratch with zero farming experience. Now, with almost a decade of experience we can guide you on the following pivotal items required to run a successful goat farm:

- Initial barn setup for success
- Hay and pellet feeder design to automate feeding and minimize time
- Yard setup

Goat husbandry
- Hoof trimming
- Vaccination
- Tagging
- Hay regiment
- Grain regiment
- Mineral
- Pre and post breeding management

Kid husbandry
- Birthing
- How to keep kids alive after birth
- Birthing pen setup
- Kid vaccination
- Kid bottle feeding
- Mom management after kidding
- Staging before moving into yard

We bill hourly with minimum one hour booking. Please contact us for further information & details


Happy Thoughts From our Visitors 😍

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Thank you for being most beautiful part of Farmonthelake, cant wait to make 2024 more exciting❤️🐐❤️
Season greetings everyone 🤠
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Closed for the season 2023
See you all in 2024 🐐♥️
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Monday 🤠

Announcement 🎉🎉🎉

Now Introducing: Nature Heaven, Day & Night Camping, Activities at the Farm

Experience day/night family camping at our serene goat farm on the lake. The ultimate nature getaway

Delight in playful goats, fishing in the pristine lake, and picturesque trails for biking and walking.

Engage in paddle boating, SUP boarding, and kayaking adventures.

Set up camp on our spacious 10X10 deck or pitch a tent on the ground, complete with deluxe toilets.

Immerse yourself in breathtaking views, tranquility, and create everlasting memories in this idyllic retreat

Booking and details @

Thank you 😊
Looking forward to welcome you 💐
Another relaxing day 😎
Wait for mee!!!
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Announcement 📣

 We are back🥳! We are officially open tomorrow 8th April  2023 for the summer season! We hope to see all of you and making more friends and memories♥️

We are open 9-5 every day. Please avoid rainy or windy days for a better experience.

Goats🐐 looking forward to welcoming you!

My Life is Good🐐

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Location & Hours

(For best goat experience, please avoid rainy days)


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